Hello Subscription & Roster Customers!

I would first like to extend my appreciation for your patience with my communication over the Month of April. I wanted to write a longer note to all of you so that you're more in the loop & to take the opportunity to tackle some changes on route. 

Most of you will have heard the news that is Centric is removing services from our location at 184th and Fraser Hwy. It's a bittersweet transition but a necessary move. That said, I'm already enjoying the access I have to deliver stronger Pina Columbia Coffee services. 

I am requesting that in the month of May while I move the business out of the current shop that you allow me to bring you into my till under a customer profile.  Standard Practice, this makes for easy off-site transactions moving forward. There's a couple ways we can do this. You can email or text me back from notification and let me know when a good time to call you is. I'll return your call then and we can securely take your information over the phone together. You can visit the events page on Facebook or this Website and come on up to the shop during a scheduled event, we're on-site through to June. I will also be able to create a customer profile with you at the Clayton Farmers Market too. You'll find me working side by side with Candy & Co. this Summer. Fun! 

Lastly, It is my intention to only make two more adjustments, one Mid-May to keep us up to date with what we're learning as we go this month and then again at the beginning of June. Please note the following anticipated changes to Roster & Subscription Services:

1. Complimentary Delivery will be provided once per month. Additional deliveries will be available for a fair charge. For Example, You may wish to still keep your 3/4lb arriving bi-weekly but, if you'd like to save the delivery cost worry not, 2.5lb delivered once for a whole month will still be very fresh! 

2. I need all Roster customers to please allow me to load your customer profile. To do this I need basic payment information such as name, address & cc. The purpose is without you able to simply drop in to the shop and tap a debit card (for example) we need to have online payment solutions that don't keep you waiting at the door for your delivery. If you would prefer not to keep your information stored in my secure system, signing up for subscription services via Paypal is a solid alternative. Don't worry, it's safe and it will make for a more fluid & convenient experience for you.

3. The Roster will be contacted bi-weekly instead of Weekly. I felt like weekly was pretty frequently! Did you too? Let's give bi-weekly a shot, it should feel more natural with the once per month delivery schedule changes too. 

All the best to you, I really appreciate your business. Any and All feedback is much appreciated, I am genuinely interested to build a sustainable, convenient and community-orientated model here, your words help! 

Danielle Neilson
Centric Culinary Inc. 

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