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How does this work?

First of all, roster is AWESOME because me your Coffee Roaster and Small Business Owner want to make sure that the product you want, when you want it, lands to you in top quality condition...even if you only need it occasionally!

It's simple, you'll receive the reminder 'Hey, Do you need...' and it will include a list of product available.  The roster is sent out on Monday, you just have to reply with your wants by Wednesday at 10am if you're looking to get in on the weekly fresh supply.

When you say YES the first time, we'll call you as per your instructions to set up your account. We keep you on file and simply charge what you've ordered. Pick up all weekend and hey, DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE AS DEFAULT!
Each Monday we send the roster a message,
'Hey, do you need Coffee / Tea this week?

Choose what works best for you, Email or Text Message notification. 
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