We're Brewing up the New Year Experience...

The Coffee House is a cultural need. The role of a Cafe includes the need to support the Arts & Culture scene of it's community. While we pour a mean cup of coffee here, you can also dive into classes, live music, meet & greets, workshops and private events. You're encouraged to connect yourself in.  
Sign up/register on-line or, pop in and we'll set you right up with your needs.
Check out our Facebook Page 'Centric In Surrey' for our most comprehensive list of Events! 
it would be SO COOL to get some feedback from you. There's a whole Year ahead with Music, Talent Shows & Open Jams on mind but that's just my mind, what kind of cultural activities would you love to see locally? What days or evenings are the best for classes? Do you find certain price points to be barriers? Are you willing to pay top dollars for professional instruction? Do you wish we did something we don't do? Do you want to understand how come we might not do something you think we outta do? Wanna suggest something efficient? Wanna produce something on-site? Yes, an event of your own!

I think you get the point...
Woah Damn, come check out our Owner/Operators Band!!

Yep, we have AWESOME local & touring level Punk and Metal acts in house on the regular playing All-Ages Shows a la Leghound Booking! 

Visit us on the corner of 184th and Fraser Hwy.

Our Cafe Site is home to the
Positively talented Hip Hop Community 

Lead by Emcee Master ESTEA ELEMENTS

The Next DOJO Hip Hop event is hella family friendly, bring out the little B-Bots April 26th! 
For more event information, check out the Facebook Page or come visit the Cafe! 

LGTBQ? https://www.facebook.com/comeashueare/

We're the headquarters for COME AS HUE ARE, a queer community focused on producing fun events & interactions. Join in for drag shows, bands, community events...walk up for a coffee and just 'be'. The next event is scheduled for JUNE 21st and it's going to feature the band STRANGE BREED! 

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