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Coffee & Tea make FANTASTIC GIFTS! 
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 Delivery will happen on Sunday December 16th. You can find more information about this and answers to other questions at the bottom of this page. 

Delivery Service is Complimentary for Surrey, BC.
 If you're outside of Surrey, No Problem!
Select from this list below or, request a shipping quote. 

 Delivery will happen on Sunday December 16th to the address you list with your payment information, unless otherwise noted. You're absolutely able to pick your beans up before this date, just be in contact with your needs and we can make it happen for you. 


1. Can I have the Coffee Ground? Yes. We can grind for all types of brewing. 

2. When will the Coffee be Roasted? In order that everyone receives the best product possible, we'll roast the week leading up to delivery day. 

3. What type of Coffee will I recieve? When you place your order you will need to select if you want a Dark Roast or a Medium Roast or Decaf. We have 10 origins that we roast, if you would like us to send you the list so that you can select your Origin(s) we're happy to but, our default is to send along our favourite few...trust us if you prefer! 

4. How do I have the Coffee delivered directly to the person recieving? Ensure the shipping address matches the delivery address, we'll have an opportunity to confirm through our order confirmation emails.

5. Are the products responsibly sourced? Yes, all of our Teas and Coffees are purchased
Farmer-Direct with Organic Certification. 

6. I would like to purchase the Annual Subscription Service for someone, how do I do that?
Great idea! Our subscription service is popular for home coffee drinkers, people really enjoy coffee arriving directly to their doorstep on a schedule!  Send an email to '[email protected]' and we'll get that all sorted out for you. 

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